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Membership Fees - 1st April 2018 to 31st March 2019

We are now pleased to inform visitors to our website that for a limited period our entrance fee has been suspended.

Full 7 Day (35+ Yrs)*£1,291.00
Intermediate (34 Yrs)*£1,265.00
Intermediate (33 Yrs)*£1,188.00
Intermediate (32 Yrs)*£1,112.00
Intermediate (31 Yrs)*£1,035.00
Intermediate (30 Yrs)*£958.00
Intermediate (29 Yrs)*£881.00
Intermediate (28 Yrs)*£804.00
Intermediate (27 Yrs)*£727.00
Intermediate (26 Yrs)*£650.00
Intermediate (25 Yrs)*£573.00
Intermediate (24 Yrs)*£497.00
Intermediate (23 Yrs)*£420.00
Intermediate (22 Yrs)*£343.00
Intermediate (21 Yrs)*£266.00
Intermediate (20 Yrs)*£215.00
Intermediate (19 Yrs)*£189.00
Intermediate (18 Yrs)*£163.00
Youth (15 to 17 Yrs)**£122.00
Youth (12 to 14 Yrs)**£102.00
Youth (Under 12 Yrs)**£87.00
Full 5 Day (31+ Yrs)*£1,035.00
Life or Honorary Golf*£0.00
Country (over 50 Miles)*£518.00
Country and Overseas over (100 Miles)*£267.00
House (Inc VAT)£67.20
House Spouse (Inc VAT)£42.00
Hold All Locker £25.00
Golf Locker £55.00
Golf Locker Combi£75.00

*Plus Affiliation Fees


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Please complete the form and we will contact you in regards to your enquiry or download and complete the application form from the following link.

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Fee Structure

We would ask that you arrange for two existing members of the Club to propose and second your application. If, however, you do not know any members of the Club we can offer Temporary membership for one year during which time we would ask you to obtain sponsorship from within the Club. You would then be offered permanent membership and the entrance fee (if applicable) becomes due, less the joining fee paid on entry (if applicable). The Temporary membership category does have some minor restrictions imposed.

Subscriptions and entrance fees (if applicable) can if necessary, be paid by direct debit through a third party provider.

Temporary Membership

Temporary membership may be granted to a person who does not know members to propose them for permanent membership to the Club. Membership can be for both Midweek and Full membership subject to availability.

Before Temporary membership can be granted a person must be interviewed by Board members and satisfy them with regard to their suitability. Membership will be confirmed by the Board after the interview has taken place.

Temporary membership will be limited to a maximum of one year and will not be renewable. It will be expected that the Temporary member will participate in Club competitions and events to meet members who will be prepared to support their application for membership in the usual manner.

A Temporary member may apply for full membership as soon as they have found members who are prepared to propose and second their application for membership.