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Membership Fees - 1st April 2019 to 31st March 2020

Please note that our 7-Day Categories are now full with a waiting list for Male applicants.  There are limited places for Youth and Lady applicants.

5-Day (weekday) membership is available.

Currently there is no Joining Fee in any category.

Full 7 Day (35+ Yrs)* £1,321.00
Intermediate (34 Yrs)*£1,295.00
Intermediate (33 Yrs)*£1,218.00
Intermediate (32 Yrs)*£1,142.00
Intermediate (31 Yrs)*£1,065.00
Intermediate (30 Yrs)*£988.00
Intermediate (29 Yrs)*£911.00
Intermediate (28 Yrs)*£834.00
Intermediate (27 Yrs)*£757.00
Intermediate (26 Yrs)*£680.00
Intermediate (25 Yrs)*£603.00
Intermediate (24 Yrs)*£527.00
Intermediate (23 Yrs)*£450.00
Intermediate (22 Yrs)*£373.00
Intermediate (21 Yrs)*£296.00
Intermediate (20 Yrs)*£245.00
Intermediate (19 Yrs)*£219.00
Intermediate (18 Yrs)*£193.00
Youth (15 to 17 Yrs)**£122.00
Youth (12 to 14 Yrs)**£102.00
Youth (Under 12 Yrs)**£87.00
Full 5 Day (31+ Yrs)*£1,035.00
Life or Honorary Golf*£0.00
Country (over 50 Miles)*£518.00
Country and Overseas over (100 Miles)*£267.00
House (Inc VAT)£69.60
House Spouse (Inc VAT)£43.20
House Associate (inc VAT) within 3 miles£45.00
Hold All Locker £30.00
Golf Locker £60.00
Golf Locker Combination£85.00

*Plus Annual Affiliation Fees



All members of the club who are 18 years and over at the time of joining are required to hold a £5 share (plus £5 admin charge).  This is a one-off £10 charge and the share is refundable at its £5 face value should you no longer be a member of the club. 

If you join part way through the club's membership year, commencing 1st April, Golf membership is calculated on a monthly pro-rata basis; House membership is calculated on a quarterly pro-rata basis.

Enquiry Form

Please complete the form below if you have a general question in regards to membership of the club and we will reply to your enquiry.   


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Alternatively if you wish to apply for membership please download and complete the application form and return it to the club by post or by email secretary@shgc.co.uk

Membership Application Form

Membership Application Process

We would ask that you arrange for two existing members of the Club to propose and second your application. If, however, you do not know any members of the Club this should not deter you from applying for membership of the club and this will be discussed further during the application process.  

Please complete an application form and send this to the club either by email or post and upon receipt you will be invited to attend an interview with two of the club's Directors. 

We look forward to welcoming you to the club.

Academy Membership

Through the Club's Professional, Michael Worley, there are three options to the academy membership: beginner, intermediate and advanced. All options include lessons suited to the category you are enrolled within; along with access to the golf course after 2pm or accompanied by a full golfing member prior to this time.

For further information of the current year's membership please contact the professional shop on 020 8854 6368 option 4.