Dress Code

The Board of Directors have relaxed the rules to allow 'smart casual' in the clubhouse and terrace with 'appropriate golfing attire' to be worn on the golf course. 'Smart casual' permits the wearing of smart jeans and training shoes.

The staff on duty, the club's professional and Directors of the club will govern the interpretation of 'smart casual' and please respect their decision if you are approached.

On the Course

The following is for your guidance:

  • Shirts - roll neck, with a collar, or turtle neck to be tucked in to trousers/shorts. Ladies' golf shirts may be worn as designed.
  • Trousers - tailored or plus twos or plus fours.
  • Men's Shorts - to be tailored and worn with knee length socks pulled up or short predominantly white socks.  No draw string or elasticated waistbands, No outside pockets of any description, Shorts should be worn to the knee or just above.
  • Ladies' Shorts or Capri Trousers - to be tailored and worn with ankle socks.
  • Headgear - to be worn correctly i.e. peaks facing forward.
  • Golf Shoes - recognised golf shoes designed and made for the purpose may be worn.

In the Clubhouse and Lounge and Dining Room

Smart Casual attire may be worn at all times with the following exceptions:

  • Headgear - All headgear to be removed.
  • Clothing Attire - The wearing of Golf clothing is allowed BUT NOT wet or muddy.
  • Tailored Shorts - Tailored Shorts are allowed in the Lounge at any time.
  • Golf Shoes - No Golf shoes allowed in the Lounge/Dining room, that’s all golf shoes Pimples and soft spikes.
  • Sandals or Shoes - Shoes/Sandals are ok with NO socks.
  • Waterproofs - Waterproofs are not allowed in the lounge.
  • Members should enter the clubhouse via the back doors if wearing working clothes prior to playing a round.